Sunday, August 3, 2014

What's a Gili Island?

Three tiny islands jut off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia, in the Bali Sea.

The Gili Islands -- Gili Air, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno -- beckon with their
crystal waters and sugary sand.

The water is as clear as a swimming pool and blends from turquoise to deep azul.

Boats loaded with bronzed backpackers and locals alike make their way between islands.

Cars are prohibited on the islands so your main form of transport is your feet, bike, or horse drawn carriage.

Life is slower here. Cat naps are usually part of the order of the day ...

... As is a jump in the sea in your birthday suit.

Sunsets are a big production here. They bring out the crowds, but they deliver day in and day out.

Back on the mainland of Lombok, you somehow find yourself on a deserted beach straight out of a movie.

The sand is so white it almost hurts your eyes to look at it ... almost.

Surfers line up for rainbow colored boats to take them to the best breaks. 

And we chase the sunset from beach to beach.

After 5 days at the Gilis, we bid adieu to these windswept, sun bleached islands, 
not sure if we'll ever return but grateful to have dipped our toes in their waters 
at least once.

-- Lauren

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