Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Indonesia: The land of dance and rice terraces

Uh ... so yeah ... Grant and I are clearly in the running to win bloggers of the year, I think we have it in the bag actually. We spent two weeks on a farm in Spain and I said "Ok, this is where I can finally get caught up on the blog." That was in May. Then we spent a month in Argentina and I said "Now THIS is where we can catch up." That was in June. 

So now that we are less than two months from coming home, it really seems like now or never. My new plan of attack is to at least get our photos posted and go from there. So here is our next installment from Bali, Indonesia ... hopefully the next time I get on here isn't in another 3 months! 

In Ubud, we took in a traditional Balinese Legong dance. I totally stole next bit from Wikipedia: 
Legong probably originated in the 19th century as royal entertainment. Legend has it that a prince of Sukawati fell ill and had a vivid dream in which two maidens danced to gamelan music. When he recovered, he arranged for such dances to be performed in reality. The Balinese dancers express the story of dance-drama through whole body gestures; fingers, hands and body to head and eyes movements.

About a 20-minute scooter ride outside Ubud is the Tegalalang rice terrace, one of the most iconic images of Bali. When we arrived, we couldn't really figure out how to get actually into them, but we saw people walking in there so we knew we could. We poked our noses into a restaurant and one of the employees there said he could call a guide for us who would walk us through the terraces and we could pay what we wanted to. Ok, sold!

We ran into this little guy and Grant was jealous of the coconut I had bought, so he had to have his own.

We thought we heard a cow when we were poking around before. Turns out it belonged to our guide.

Our guide through the rice terrace with his chicken.

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